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Stop waiting for permission or a sign to get that dream position and make more money in your career.

Transform your career now so that you can get what is yours.

Step into the CEO position of your paycheck and career by joining our CEO Community full of free resources, tools, and tips that take you from an underpaid and unhappy worker bee to a CEO who owns her career and cashes her well deserved checks.

Your path to career success is unique

Women face unique challenges and set backs every day when building a successful career, which is why we are constantly creating resources that address what we face each day as strong and assertive women in the workplace, so that you are fully equipped to own your power, your career, and your next steps.

What Clients Are Saying

After losing my job for calling out a safety issue I was really struggling with the idea of how to interview with confidence. Kristina helped me work through the process. Finding a way to be both honest and forthright about what happened, while also not being negative towards my previous employer! She helped me find clarity in the process and I walked into interviews with a level of confidence I couldn't have found without her.


Kristina is a genius! My resume looked so good after she worked her magic!


Kristina has always been there as a professional and a friend. She is an inspiration and strong role model to both women and men, and has guided me through difficult times in my professional career. I feel honored to call her my friend and privileged to work with her.


The average attention span is 8 seconds and most individuals make a snap judgement within the first 30 seconds of meeting you.

Don’t let those 30 seconds go by without capturing the full attention of your new networking connection or new boss.

Make sure they walk away from your introduction with the desire to connect with you again.

Connection creates opportunity.


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Meet the CEO

My name is Kristina. I’m a wine and whiskey loving dog mom, ambitious career woman, and passionate diversity advocate.

I started working in corporate when I was just 19 and quickly realized that while the rest of the world was changing, corporate was slow to catch up. I became super passionate about helping women step into their CEO shoes and be seen as leaders instead of bossy and about helping companies embrace and embody diversity and inclusion.

I’m obsessed with helping other women find their passion and their why.

Own your voice and make it heard.

Your goal is to step forward in your career and climb the corporate ladder of success, but you cannot do that if no one is listening to what you have to say or if you’re unable to handle conflict and tough situations. Diffusing tense situations and being the go-to voice in the room is key to making career moves and lifting others as you climb.

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