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About The CEO.Co

What We Do

We work with corporate career women to develop them into badass CEOs who own their power and their careers, while also focusing heavily on intersectionality and diversity awareness and education. The CEO Co is the go-to online educational resource to educate and empower career-focused female identifying individuals to make career moves and become their own kind of CEO through the power of education, coaching, and intersectional feminism. 

It isn’t about teaching women how to ‘play the game’ to get ahead in their careers, but how to educate women on how to become successful so that they can change the entire game for everyone.

What does the .Co in The stand for?

The .Co doesn’t just stand for company, it stand for a whole lot more than that. The .Co stands for:

Community- we are of a community mindset. While the corporate world thrives upon competition, we thrive upon community mindset where we know and understand that every story and journey is unique, all experiences are valid and all stories are worthy of being discussed.

Connection- Creating personal connections is one of the many pillars of success- we as women are strongest when we link arms with all of our sisters, especially those sisters who have felt excluded from the conversations and success that many of us have had the privilege of being involved in,

Collaboration- Collaboration over competition is not just a  catchy hashtag to The CEO.Co, it is a call to action to put down our walls and weapons and speak with truth and power while building up our fellow women and creating a table big enough and inclusive enough to allow for alliance and creativity with our fellow strong women.

Continuation- The empowerment and rise of all women and the continuation of tough conversations, sisterhood, and empowerment are core values we hold to ourselves and our community.

Courses- Education is critical to our rise in the workplace and our lives, which is why at The CEO.Co the .Co also stands for the courses we offer.

And much more.

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