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The average attention span is 8 seconds and most individuals make a snap judgement within the first 30 seconds of meeting you.

Don’t let those 30 seconds go by without capturing the full attention of your new networking connection or new boss.

Make sure they walk away from your introduction with the desire to connect with you again.

Connection creates opportunity.

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Creating Allyship in the Workforce: Shutting down Patriarchal Microaggressions & Increasing Equitable Treatment

Much of the time, men in the workforce want, and try, to be uplifting and empowering to their female colleagues. In fact, many of these same men believe their actions…

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Managing Your Inbox Like a CEO

When stepping up into your role as CEO of your career and working towards making some big career moves, getting lost in surviving the day-to-day minutia and just getting the…

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3 Women Ran Podcasts That Will Expand Your Mind

With a life spent fairly consistently on the go, it is hard for me to find time to sit down with a great book and read for more than 20…

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What to Do If You Are Sexually Harassed in an Interview

Some interviews turn out to be the stuff of nightmares- from spilling coffee all over yourself (or your interviewer) to bumbling and stumbling through answers, to even more unthinkable things…

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Four Quick Tips for Effective & Assertive Communication

For women, assertively communicating, especially in the workplace, can feel like a tight rope act- lean too much into your assertiveness and you risk falling into the “aggressive and bossy”…

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What I Did to Find Satisfaction & Joy in a Job I Dreaded

Throughout your career you will inevitably find yourself in a position, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, that lacks the characteristics that you desire in a job in order to feel satisfied,…

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Office Gossip: How to Professionally Shut it Down Without Harming Your Reputation or Relationships

  We all love the feeling of being included and having personal relationship with our coworkers. Having those kinds of relationships makes work more enjoyable and can reduce office stress,…

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