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The average attention span is 8 seconds and most individuals make a snap judgement within the first 30 seconds of meeting you.

Don’t let those 30 seconds go by without capturing the full attention of your new networking connection or new boss.

Make sure they walk away from your introduction with the desire to connect with you again.

Connection creates opportunity.

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How to Prep for a Virtual Interview

  With the ever-changing needs of the workforce and many companies hiring more remote employees while the job market expands its global reach, virtual interviews (such as Skype or Zoom)…

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Best Business Practices to Use to Lead Your Business Through a Pandemic

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The Basics of Creating a Captivating Job Description

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Are Flexwork Options the New Workplace Norm?

Whether due to family dynamics, mental or physical health status, or simply a desire to avoid being confined to beige cubicle farms, the demand and desire for a more flexible…

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Social Media for Career Growth: Using LinkedIn to Amplify Your Network

  Being on LinkedIn will not make or break your career, however, properly utilizing this career-based social media platform will help adjust your career trajectory and give you exposure to…

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Diversity Without Inclusion Creates Unsafe Workplaces

  Creating a diverse place of work is an important feat that many sectors of the workforce are taking on with more gusto and resilience than ever before. HR departments…

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How to Ruin a Meeting

  Meetings are an important part of the work day. When used properly they can be productive brain storming and information sharing sessions ripe with problem solving and collaboration. As…

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