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Owning your career and making career moves takes intentional time and effort on your own time and pace outside of the 9 to 5 and company approved and mandated training.

Unfortunately for some of us, finding training for career transitioning can be hard when you are looking to transition out of your current employer- because why would they want to provide you training for resume writing and interviewing when that means you’re going to leave the company? In fact, many employer lead or approved external courses are only geared towards empowering you enough to perform better for the company’s current role for you and your input into the bottom line. While we can’t blame them for that, we are here to fill in that gap.


At the CEO.Co we aren’t about that company bottom dollar and performance measure, our education is about you and giving you the tools, knowledge, and habits that aid you into stepping into your next role, or even stepping up at your current role, and truly changing the workforce- one badass step at a time.


Art of the Elevator Pitch FREE Course

Imagine this, you’re alone in the elevator at your work and the CEO hops on and asks you to introduce yourself and what you do. Can you successfully respond before the doors open in 30 seconds?

Or, you’re at a networking event and the group asks you to explain who you are and what your company does in 30 seconds- can you catch the ears of the right people and accurately explain your company’s mission in 30 seconds?

Ready to handle these situations like a real CEO? 

Assertive Communication Course

Ever find yourself in a situation where you’re left thinking “I know if I were a man, they wouldn’t be talking to me like that or have a problem with the way I talk”?

Or maybe your boss pulled you aside and said that you should be a bit sweeter and less assertive because it seems mean? How about those millions of meetings you were leading that went haywire and suddenly you found yourself being ignored and unable to speak up?

Are you ready to learn how to own your voice and assertiveness?

Your Perfect Resume Course

Your resume is an amazing tool that you can use to curate the perfect future and career path for yourself—so why is it an endless (read boring) list of your job history in 12-point font on some fancy paper? Fancy paper doesn’t get you hired.

75% of resumes get thrown out by ATS programs and never see human eyes. The resumes that do see human eyes are typically only looked at for 6 seconds before being thrown out.


Don’t let that be your resume.

The Perfect Interview Course

Imagine walking into an interview room and nailing each answer, blowing them all away, and asking questions that give you a true understanding of the company culture and job duties.

You don’t stammer much, you are fully prepared, and you walk away knowing that the job is in the bag if you want it.




Imagine how to curate the perfect interview.

Finding the Best Candidate Course

What if you knew all of the keys to finding the perfect person to fill that empty position?

Learn all about the do’s and don’ts of interviewing to find the perfect match to your team and open job. In this course we solve the problems managers face in the interview room- uncomfortable environments, awkward questions, and asking the wrong kinds of questions. Even better, we also give you 50 interview questions you can ask (and customize) to fit your interviewing needs.

Don’t miss out on hiring the best candidate.

The CEO.Courses are all about real-talk and real information that you can start applying before you even reach the end of each course. Each course is made up of completely self-paced modules that you can visit and re-visit over time when you have a spare 5 to 20 minutes between advancing your career and enjoying the life you’ve worked so hard to create. We don’t just include the information you need to succeed, but we have built these courses on a platform and in a way that aids in more success.

What's Included

Each course includes multiple video modules that are quick and easy to consume.

Each course includes a printable PDF of the video slides so that you can follow along and take notes instead of writing down everything you see on the screen and missing everything else.

Each course comes with extra printable tips, tricks, and resources so that you can apply what you learn and dig deeper on your new skills.

Each course includes limited email support so that you can reach out for help if you get stuck or need some guidance.

Expertise requires experience and every course is rife with knowledge learned from industry research and industry experience.

From learning the repercussions of being too assertive and finally finding the right balance, to being on both sides of the interview table enough to know exactly what the right fit looks like for the company and candidate, to knowing the facts about how resume review software works and what makes humans connect with a really great resume, here at The CEO.Co we’ve experienced and researched it all and more and are ready to give you the much desired and needed information that has changed careers for many others.

Please visit the FAQs page for answers to some of our most commonly asked questions regarding courses. 

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