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Creating Allyship in the Workforce: Shutting down Patriarchal Microaggressions & Increasing Equitable Treatment

Much of the time, men in the workforce want, and try, to be uplifting and empowering to their female colleagues. In fact, many of these same men believe their actions…

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The Financial Benefits of Diversity and Inclusion

While, at the core, diversity and inclusion truly is important simply because it is the right thing to do, it also comes with a multitude of benefits to companies big…

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CEO Bookshelf: Feminist Fight Club by Jessica Bennett

  I love adding new reads centered on the CEO leadership mindset and career development to my bookshelf that is currently overflowing with true crime novels, thought work books, cheesy…

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Defeating the Wardrobe Gap: Your Company Dress Code is Sexist- Here Is How To Live With It & Fix it

  The wardrobe gap (defined as: the difference in expectation society has for how men and women present themselves in the workforce) is one key area often ignored when companies…

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On Choosing to Change

I fully believe that many mistakes can be forgiven, ignorance can be changed, and second and third chances can be given at a person’s digression if the offender adamantly shows…

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You Are Inimitable

I cannot recall the exact moment I started looking at other women and feeling less-than, of feeling like 'if only I had her... then I'd be happy". Like most young…

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Her Success is Not Your Failure- Let’s Talk About Cardi B & Her Grammy

This past weekend Cardi B won a (well deserved) Grammy for her album Invasion of Privacy. Sometime on Monday she deactivated her Instagram because of all of the hate and bullying…

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