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3 Tips on How to Make Your Employees Hate You


So many career coaches and leadership experts talk on and on about how to become a great leader and how to cultivate a culture where you staff is empowered, happy, and works hard. But what about for those folks in the room who want their employees to hate them? Want to know how to get rid of your best employees, what drives them away and decreases their job satisfaction?Well, for those of you who want to know how to make you employees hate you, it’s simple, really. It all comes down to your relationship with them, trust, and respect. When the respect for them stops, so does their passion for working for you. When you stop trusting them, they get frustrated, upset, and start working in a more ‘fear-based’ mindset. Because remember, employees don’t quit jobs, they quit leadership. Bad managers cause a good staff to be ruined, make employees to want to flee, and cause the remaining employees (who stay out of false hope or desperation) to lose motivation and hate their jobs.

Here are a few quick and easy steps to lose your best employees in case you really want your team and division to fail:

1. Stop respecting their personal lives and time. When your answer to your employees struggle of “I just don’t have enough time, I can’t seem to get XYZ done in the time allotted” is “well figure it out, I guess you’ll have to work late all the time” you IMMEDIATELY cut the respect your employees have for you in half (at the least). Now, don’t get me wrong, employees understand that sometimes you have to work a long day, meet crazy deadlines, and stay late, but when you expect your employees to work an unsustainable amount and ridiculous hours consistently, then they realize one thing: my leader doesn’t respect me or my personal life.

2. Don’t invest in their future or development. The best way to show employees that you don’t give a crap about their future career is to never ask about their goals and never develop a long term plan for their success. If you ONLY focus on developing them in their current role because that is what they (and you) are currently ‘graded’ on for performance and compensation, then they’ll realize that you’re not invested in their future and begin to question why they should stay working for someone who doesn’t care about their future.

3. Treat them all the same. The easiest way to manage is to treat every single employee the exact same, manage them the same, and grade their performance the exact same way. So, say ‘to hell’ with modifying your management style to create the best working relationship with each of your employees, and also say ‘screw it’ to treating them like individual people who have different strengths and abilities- treat them all the same so you can put in the least effort and clock out on time!


Now what if you’re one of those crazy weird managers who DOESN’T want to lose their best employees?

Then you need to:
1. Do the polar opposite of steps 1-3 from above.
2. Break the rules of common management techniques and stop being a manager and start being a damn leader (pick up a copy of this amazingly trans-formative book that Gallup Surveys created, seriously, mine is filled to the brim with notes, highlights, and post-its full of information and ‘holy ish how did I not realize this before?!’ moments)
3. And lastly just show you actually care about your employees; put your phone and laptop away at meetings with your team, focus on them, pay attention and listen to them because when you intentionally build that rapport they stop checking their LinkedIn so often.



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