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Hey CEO, I'm Kristina

My #1 piece of advice for you

I support ambitious career driven women in stepping up into their careers, making changes, and making more money. I’ve built The CEO.Co on those core results and structured every single piece of content, resource, and tool around getting you farther in your career and getting you that well deserved, and much bigger, paycheck.

I’m a foodie and an amateur wine connoisseur, in the fact that I just really enjoy drinking a lot of wine and pretending I know what I am doing when I attend wine tastings.

I sped through my Associates in Business Administration at Robert Morris University in a year and four months before I jumped into the “big girl” world of corporate America where reality and mortgages hit me really fast.

I was born and raised in small towns and spent my entire youth ranting about getting out and moving to a big city, to only move to a slightly bigger town 30 minutes from my home town, deciding I hated it, and moving to a small village of 750 people to restore a 1920s farm with my husband… only to uproot my life a year later with a divorce and a move, after realizing I was no longer being who I wanted and doing what I loved. Because we all need to and deserve to be the person we’ve envisioned ourselves becoming since we were 5 and the person our parental figures sacrificed day-in and day-out for us to become.

My passion and purpose is problem analysis and solving. I’m obsessed with helping other women find their passion and ‘why’, even if I have to bribe and pry it out of them, so that they can be the badass CEOs that are hiding inside of them.

I also dish out a whole lot of business and personal development advice, served with a side of social responsibility. Why? Because those things go hand-in-hand. When it comes down to it, you can’t be the badass leader you wish to see in the world if you are consciously, or unconsciously, acting in a way that is non-inclusive and harmful to different communities. And while everyone’s measure of success differs, are you truly successful if you built it on the backs of stepping on and harming others?

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