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Your career is about you and your power.

When it comes down to it, sometimes you need more than courses and articles to guide you through a tough situation or prep you for your next career move. Sometimes, what you really need is some one-on-one time and guidance with an expert.

Someone who…

  • has had a toxic boss that took away her power and voice and found a way to get it back
  • has had to fight tooth and nail to gain the trust and respect of a tough and cold colleague
  • has lost a job that she loved and found her passion again
  • has felt the intense burnout of her job demands and found balance without sacrificing her career success
  • has been called too aggressive, too opinionated, and told to tone it down but knows she can’t change who she is for an employer, but doesn’t want to lose her job
  • has walked into an interview underqualified and walked out with a job offer
  • has been where you are, and will give you the actionable steps and guide you to taking back your power and your career


Because a lot of the time, you need a hype-girl and career guidance from someone who isn’t your best friend or family member. You need an honest, no-BS, expert.

You need a Career Mentor

Real-Life Actionable Coaching That’s All About You

Book a session to talk with Kristina about:

  • Career Exploration: Finding your path of passion
  • Resume review and update
  • Mock job interview (Candidate)
  • Mock job interview (Hiring Manager)
  • Owning your voice: Feminist assertive communication
  • Building your network
  • Public speaking (Mock Presentation and feedback)
  • Leadership and management coaching for first time leaders

Learn more about our CEO & your future Career Mentor, Kristina, here.

Let's Get Started!

Career Mentorship Options

Virtual Career Mentorship Package:

Our careers are full of long-term ongoing tough situations and unique challenges, which is why I also offer 6 month mentorship packages for CEOs like you who are new to the corporate world and want to put your best foot forward each day and understand how to navigate complex office politics, learn about creating- or fixing- key workplace relationships (like that time I got onboarded to a new project and the product owner hated me so much she tried to get me kicked off before I started but through a lot of hard work on my end, grew to love working with me and trusting me with the project), and overall, just stepping up in your new career. 

Or, maybe you’ve been in the corporate game for a while but feel yourself struggling in owning your career and getting what is yours- that promotion and paycheck. I’ve seen it all and experienced it all, and lucky for you, I have the intense power of retrospective, mindfulness, and key lessons from my obvious career fuck ups- like that time I cried and yelled at a department VP until she cried, yeah, I’ll coach you on how not to do that so you can handle toxic and bad leaders the correct way that won’t set you back in the office.

What does the Career Mentorship package include?

  • 18 45-minute one-on-one calls with me (3 per month + 1 week “rest week” for implementation and reflection)
  • One 2-hour intensive (after complimentary discovery call) to lay the groundwork, set clear expectations, and gain an understanding of your current career situations
  • Available access to me (and you) via Voxer for check-ins, voice messages, and coaching between sessions
  • Access to all of my existing free CEO.Community resources + custom resources and documents as needed
  • Complimentary resume refresh
  • LinkedIn Profile set up/audit and networking tips- you can’t build your network if you aren’t visible!


$5,997 (Paid in full) or 6 monthly payments of $1,047

Because I’m not just here to charge you an investment sized amount of your paycheck, I’m here to help you make a bigger paycheck.

Ready to transform your career and get what is yours?

Then you’re ready to book a 6 month coaching package with me. But first, we’ve gotta get on the phone and ensure we are the right fit for one another before we start diving into your career.

One-Time Career Mentorship Intensive Session:

Need a one-time time block to work through a specific career conundrum that is holding you back- such as handling that toxic manager who you are stuck with for a while (because quitting is not always an option), or work through the nerves of leading your first interview and figuring out how not to screw it all up? 

One-Time Intensive Sessions are also magic for interview prep- maybe you’re interviewing for your dream job and you need another professional to mock interview you and give you honest and direct feedback so you nail the interview and get an offer letter you can’t refuse.

Before you even get into the interview room, though, you have to have a resume that is powerful and speaks to your past, present, and future- which is why so many clients book these one-time calls to walk through a complete resume refresh while on the phone with me. Not only will you learn the biggest do’s and don’ts of a resume, but you leave the call with a resume that any recruiter or hiring manager would pass off to their HR business partner so they can get you into the office ASAP.

Let’s get together and work through what you’re going through and provide you with the exact results you desire.

Please review our FAQ section for details on our terms and procedures on career mentorship

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