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The mission of The CEO.Co is to create a workplace culture of thriving excellence for all through training, education, cultural change, and personal development.


A future where every employee in the workforce is empowered for their own success and every organization is diverse, inclusive, and the best place to work.


At The CEO Co we not only know, but firmly believe that:

Equitability is achievable.

Owning your career is integral to your career success.

Diversity and inclusion are nothing without anti-racism.

Open honesty and collaboration are the future of leadership.

You deserve to have a career that you love, not simply tolerate.


And additionally…

Black Lives Matter. Love is Love. Hate and ignorance are choices. All people should be feminists.



The CEO.Co is not my legacy or my dream, here is what is…
The CEO.Co is currently a resource and development company that provides the power to the people effected so much by bias, discrimination, and lack of access to education. We provide free and affordable resources to help those who need it transition throughout their entire career as they rise up and enter the C-Suite of their organization (if they so choose too).
But I’ve always known that doing this work would never be my end point. It was the first step on a ladder that will last long past myself. A person can have all of the power and tools in their life, but if others refuse to acknowledge that power, then they are once again left powerless.
As a straight, cisgendered, fully abled, skinny, white woman, I was born in the “right” place, to the “right” family, with the “right” orientations and body type, I’ve been gifted power and privilege that I have done nothing to deserve, and through many opportunities and decisions in my life, I’ve gained financial privilege as well. And it is my firm belief that we can make the word privilege a word left in the history books, but only if those of us with it use it for those who don’t.
Which is why my work as a career coach and leadership trainer is not my legacy, it is a step on my ladder. There are two types of change that is required in order to make the impact this world needs: personal and systemic. The work that The CEO.Co does right now is personal- we work with small groups or individuals to provide them the resources and education to move into the workforce and up their ladder- which is quite important work, but it is not the end.
My true legacy with The CEO.Co is systemic change.
All of this will be done through:
– providing education and counseling to organizations on bias and discrimination so that they will put their workplace policies where their words are,
– charity events used to fundraise money for educational and workforce programs for underprivileged and underserved (and often forgotten) persons who desire to get into the workforce again,
– through working with local and federal legislation to support, create, and pass important pieces of law that create equitability, opportunities, and change that benefit employees and individuals who have been held down by an antiquated and harmful system- and to oppose legislation that does the opposite,
– and through foundational work that partners with women’s, LGBTQIA+, homeless and rehabilitation centers (as well as underserved schools) to provide free education and resources- from coaching to clothing and job transportation- to individuals who have struggled to get into the workforce because our society has a hard time with second, or any, chances, as well as working with local businesses to create a network of company’s that will welcome and work with those individuals who have a passion for bettering themselves, regardless of their story.
Through all of this, change will come, privilege will be a world left in the history books, and this legacy will outlive me, and this company.
Now let’s get to work,

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