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Making the Most of Your Work from Home Day

With the changing demands and needs of employees, more offices and corporations are embracing flexible work arrangements and flex schedules than ever- from giving more employees control over the hours they work, to even allowing their teams more freedom to choose where to work. Working from home, whether it is on a consistent basis or more of a one-off occasional event, can help keep you productive with your workload while also helping lessen feelings of burnout and promote more relaxation and rest throughout your work week. Creating positive work from home habits is essential to mastering your work day while wearing your favorite sweat pants and forgoing making yourself presentable to the public.

While it may be tempting to start your work day with a slower morning than normal, sticking as close to possible to your normal work schedule helps keep you in the working mindset. While sleeping in is an added bonus to not having to get ready or travel to the office, wake up early enough to offer yourself some padded time that allows you to start your shift as regularly scheduled. Additionally, taking scheduled breaks and a lunch gives you time to put away your laptop and enjoy the perks of being at home (like making a great home cooked meal for lunch or watching some Netflix), doing so also can limit your temptation to spend all day taking breaks on-and-off to enjoy ‘just one episode’ or to do ‘just one quick thing’.

On top of maintaining your normal work schedule, retaining the same habits at home as you would in the office creates a similar mental working environment for you to be in. Keeping the TV turned off (even though binging in the background Parks and Rec or Brooklyn 99 is enjoyable) and closing out of the Facebook and Pinterest tabs on your laptop, on top of any other distractions you normally wouldn’t have in the office keeps your mind focused on the work ahead instead of what is going on around you. Working from home can give you some extra time to get household chores done that you haven’t had the time for, such as the mounds of laundry taunting you each morning, but it is important to keep personal chores to your lunch or breaks, as to not interrupt your work time and take over your entire day.

Lounging comfily on the couch the entire day is what visions of working from home are filled of. For some folks, working from the comforts of the couch all day is doable and relaxing, but for others, sitting on the couch and working can lead to less productivity and be too tempting to lounge in front of the TV catching up on day time shows. If you begin to feel your productivity and concentration decline, working from your desk or a table instead of the couch recreates more of the office environment you’re used to.

Having the opportunity to work from home and get away from the office without losing out on being productive is a benefit you should take advantage of and enjoy. When it comes to taking your boss up on this opportunity, it is key to create an environment and routine for success, while enjoying the fact that you didn’t have to put work pants on for the day.


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