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The Basics of Creating a Captivating Job Description


           Searching for the right candidate is a complex and time-consuming job. As a hiring manager, you must help HR source the right candidates, interview them, and decide, but, before any of that can be done, you have to write a job description that is not only attractive, but irresistible to your ideal candidate.

            Traditionally, job descriptions are tailored to what the manager and company need from candidates, and throughout the entire hiring process, candidates are expected to sell themselves to the company and prove why they are the perfect fit in every step and interview. However, when attempting to find a new highly driven, qualified, and long-term employee, your job in the job description is to sell you and your company to the candidate.

            As a prospect, 34% of candidates stated that the major roadblock for them is not knowing what it is really like to work at the company and 27% say not understanding what is expected of the role was their roadblock to applying for a new job. Additionally, when asked “what do you want to know about the job?” 66% stated that they want to know about the company culture, 54% stated the perks of the job, and 50% said they needed to understand the mission of the company. Focusing solely on the requirements you have of your next team member is no way to capture the attention of your perfect candidate.

            I don’t want to dismiss the importance of listing requirements you have of candidates, because it is significant, but hooking candidates with company benefits (e.g., free childcare, health care, paid vacation), job perks (e.g., flex hours, free lunch), career advancement opportunities, and additional items that will convince them that they’d be crazy to not apply will draw in more eager and excited candidates, rather than dry personalities attached to standard, boring resumes.

            Begin the job description with a summary that encapsulates the job duties and benefits to draw candidates in, followed up by the core essential hard and soft skills that are needed for the job. By doing this, you will encompass your requirements of them, help answers questions of the day-to-day operations and responsibilities, and provide a creative understanding of what applicants can expect if they were to get the job.

            Then, ensure you list out the great perks of the job and use verbiage and the company mission to off what your company culture is like. Be precise with the word count, as job descriptions between 700 and 2,000 characters receive up to 30% more applications than others. Lastly, your job description should help answer the question candidates may have of “why would I want to work for them over anyone else?”. Spend time reflecting on this as you review your job description and don’t stop editing until you can provide a clear answer to this.

            Writing a job description that catches the right attention and recruits the perfect candidates involves using your word count for the selling points of your company. Candidates resumes are their sales pitch to you, your job description is your sales pitch to them. Focus on what is in it for them if they get the job, what the essential requirements are, and lay the groundwork on what it is like to work for your company and watch the perfect resumes roll in.


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